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Deliver effective sales experiences with less effort - so you can increase your revenue, shorten your sales cycles, and grow your business.

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Not inconsistent interactions.

Organizations are held back by three key challenges:
The Sales process has defined steps requiring time and planning.
Dedicated sales teams are expensive and hard.
Buyers expect more, including timely communication.
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73% point to experience as factor in sales

Why Sales Experiences?

If experience isn't part of your strategy, you're doing it wrong.

Customer experience encompasses every interaction with your organization, from your sales process to post-purchase support.

The benefits are higher conversion rates, increased revenue and sales growth, and customer loyalty.
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Increase sales revenue & productivity
(without adding headcount)

Get started with our automated Sales Experience Platform and spend more time building relationships with customers and closing deals.
Sales automation features

Automate as much of the sales process as you want

Great sales experiences close more deals. It has defined steps and actions driven by communication to move leads through the sales process.

Qualify your leads then understand their needs, deliver a proposal, and nurture the relationship to close the deal.

Powering timely communication for better sales experiences

Move deals forward with automated email sequences and SMS text sequences based on their stage in the sales process, a shared inbox to keep everyone on the same page, connect your Gmail account, and more.
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communication features
Sales automation features

AI-powered sales automation tools free your team for more strategic sales tasks

Attention's AI will automatically create new deals, update deals stages based on the conversation, and generate email messages for you.
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Managed leads so every lead is getting the right attention

Pipeline Dashboard to view leads through every interaction - and every step - of the sales process.

Quickly see what stage deals are in, recommendations for next steps, add tasks to a deal so you never drop the ball.
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Take the first step to unleash revenue.
Automate Sales.

Attention automates your sales with AI, sequences, workflows, and more.

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Easy for growing businesses to use, with just the right features

Attention makes it easy for small and growing businesses who want an effective sales process. Allowing efficient use of your resources, just set triggers and desired actions, and we do the rest for you.
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