Powering timely communication to close more deals

Communication tools to move deals forward with automated email sequences, a shared inbox to keep everyone on the same page, link your Gmail account, and more.

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Powerful communication tools for timely and effective messages

Communication is the key to building trust with potential customers and selling more. Attention can send the right message and the right time for all your leads - if you don't have time.
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Increase sales revenue & productivity
(without adding headcount)

Get started with our automated Sales Efficency Platform and allow Sales to spend more time building relationships with customers and making sales.

Attention's AI can craft your sales emails for you

Our conversational AI can proactively engage with prospects, quickly respond to leads, and even prequalify leads. Attention will recommend and can even send the right message at the right time - all based on the current stage in the sales process.
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AI for emails

Shared inbox for a centralized view of all customer interactions

Improve your team's ability to work together more efficiently. No more digging through individual inboxes or worrying about missing an important message.
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Sales email sequences

Attention can engage with leads as soon as they show interest

Don't let hot leads grow cold. Helping you tackle new leads in seconds with automated high-impact messaging. Then keep them on track with proven follow-up steps that maximize lead conversion.
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Create Templates and Quick Replies to ensure consistent messages and save time

Turn your most effective and repetitive sales emails and text messages into templates you can access inside your inbox and share with your team. Ensure all customer interactions are consistent and professional, increase productivity, and present the best first impression possible.
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Sales email sequences
Sales email sequences

Sync your Gmail emails to your Attention inbox

Create new deals from emails and synchronize emails across the team, eliminating missed emails. On average, only 40% of all sales updates are ever entered in a Sales CRM. Attention ensures your team always has the right information at their fingertips.
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Take the first step to unleash revenue.
Automate Sales.

Attention automates your sales with AI, sequences, workflows, and more.

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Easy for growing businesses to use, with just the right features

Attention makes it easy for small and growing businesses who want an effective sales process. Allowing efficient use of your resources, just set triggers and desired actions, and we do the rest for you.
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