Getting Started with Attention

New to Attention and not sure where to start? We'll walk you through the basic set up so you can start selling more today.

Getting Started with Attention

Setup your business location and team

Invite your teammates to Attention
Your team can join you and start selling today.
Setup an SMS phone number
Communicate with prospects and leads via SMS texts.
Opt-in for daily or weekly notifications
Receive daily or weekly email summaries in your inbox.

Get contacts flowing into Attention

Connect your Gmail email account
New leads can automatically flow into Attention from Gmail.
Shared inbox for a centralized view of all customer interactions
Improve your team's ability to work together more efficiently.
gmail integration
Sales email sequences

Review the sales automations we've set up for you

We've generated a few sequences to get you going quickly
Ready for your quick review and tweaking if needed.
Create a few email templates and Quick Replies
Turn your most effective and repetitive sales emails and text messages into templates.
Set up custom Tags to segment deals
Assign tags to segment deals increasing the chance of converting them into buyers.

Nice work. Now you've connected your Gmail account, you're ready to go.

New inbound leads will automatically be imported into Attention.
location overview

Next up? Review the available workflows to add even more automation.

Sales automations

Add additional automations to save you administrative work

Automatically follow up on new leads immediately
Engage with leads as soon as they show interest.
Assign stale deal settings in the pipeline
Aging deals automatically move to be nurtured or closed after a specific number of days.
Set up additional workflows based on your business
Examples include assign tag when a deal enters a stage, enroll in sequence when tag assigned, and more.

Unlock even more Attention features

Opt-in to receive email notifications for Activity Summaries, incoming message alerts, and more.

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Getting Started with Attention

New to Attention and not sure where to start? We'll walk you through the basic uses so you know what to expect along the way.

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