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Attention AI automates your sales process, no more time-consuming CRM admin tasks.

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Attention eliminates busywork - our AI keeps deals updated for you

Helps you stop doing unnecessary manual work and keep deals moving forward by automating your sales activities, with automated email sequences and more.
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Increase sales revenue & productivity
(without adding headcount)

Get started with our automated Sales Efficency Platform and allow Sales to spend more time building relationships with customers and making sales.

Deals are automatically created from incoming emails

New deals are created from incoming emails saving you time. Attention can respond immediately to qualify the opportunity for you.
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ai for deal stages

Deal stages updated automatically based on the conversation

Our AI does the busywork for you by monitoring the ongoing conversation for each deal and assigning the appropriate lead stage for you. Eliminating the time you typically spend on Sales CRM housekeeping.
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Pipeline automations allow stale deals to be nurtured for you

Stalled deals can be automatically moved to a nurturing sequence, old deals can be moved to Closed Lost. Your pipeline is managed for you, always up to date.
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pipeline automation
Sales email sequences

All deal activities are logged, saving your team from having to manually log their activities themselves

Track emails and SMS texts sent and when lead stages were assigned so everyone can see the history of a deal.
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Attention automates your sales with AI, sequences, workflows, and more.

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Easy for growing businesses to use, with just the right features

Attention makes it easy for small and growing businesses who want an effective sales process. Allowing efficient use of your resources, just set triggers and desired actions, and we do the rest for you.
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