What is an Email Sequence? With Examples

A series of pre-written emails or text messages sent to a prospect over a set period

What are email sequences

Email and SMS texting are tried and true methods for nurturing leads and closing deals. But in today's fast-paced digital landscape, sending a single email just won't do the job. That's where email sequences come into play. In this post, we'll explore what email sequences are, their advantages, best practices to follow, and why they're an essential tool in your sales arsenal.

What is an email sequence

Simply put, an email sequence is a series of pre-written emails, or SMS texts, sent to a prospect over a set period. Rather than sending one-off emails, a sequence allows you to craft a cohesive narrative and guide your prospect through the sales journey. The emails are sent automatically on your behalf and are personalized as coming from you. Think of it as a roadmap, leading your leads from initial interest to conversion.

What are the advantages of an email sequence?

Email sequence examples

A common way to use email sequences is to help nurture and convert your leads into customers. As a lead progresses through the sales stages the automated messages can be relevant for the stage and focused on how to encourage them along.

For instance, a conversion email sequence is used to encourage leads to take a certain action – like scheduling a call or meeting. Here's an example sequence for a new incoming prospect who needs to be qualified. Where they're asked to provide the scope, budget, and timing to make sure they are a good fit for your business.

Email sequence best practices to follow

Now, let's delve into why businesses should embrace sales automation software. The typical number of emails in a sequence depends on the purpose. 5-7 emails over 1-4 weeks is a good estimate.

Automate your email sequences with Attention

In today's competitive landscape, effective sales strategies are essential for business success. Attention's email sequences offer a powerful tool for nurturing leads, driving engagement, and closing deals. By leveraging the advantages of email automation, personalization, and scalability, you can create targeted sequences that guide prospects through the sales journey and ultimately drive revenue for your business. So why wait? Start crafting your email sequences today and unlock the full potential of your sales process.

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